Can ventilation improve posture? A Study from NHS Guys & St Thomas Wheelchair Services

Can ventilation improve posture? This study was presented at PMG 2019 by Victoria Curling and Suzanna Shari from NHS Guys & St Thomas Wheelchair Services (Kings College Hospital). Can ventilation improve posture? Raphael is a 52-year-old man with CP, LD, asthma and h/o respiratory failure. He has complex seating needs: pelvic obliquity ↑L, scoliosis concave…

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Hangout with Advanced OT & Wheelchair User

Hangout with Advanced OT & Wheelchair User Recently, Corien sat down with Advanced Occupational Therapist Susie Turnbull and wheelAIR PRO Sophie Bevan to discuss over-heating, over-sweating, and general discomfort for wheelchair users. Often, these issues can be overlooked and we want to change the conversation so that people are empowered to share their experiences. Why…

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Natasha Price – Staying Cool in Australia With wheelAIR

Name: Natasha Price Age: 38 Condition: Transverse Myelitis, Autoimmune disease, Type 1 diabetes, Gastroparesis Tested wheelAIR®: During summer in Australia About Natasha Natasha Price is an adaptive athlete, entrepreneur, public speaker, author and blogger from the Gold Coast, Australia. In 2008, a rare disease, which she was unaware she had, left her blind and paralysed almost overnight.…

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Belle - staying cooling whilst dog walking with wheelAIR

Belle S.H. – staying cool whilst dog walking (& more) with wheelAIR

Belle Sherratt Holman – staying cool whilst dog walking (& more) with wheelAIR Age: 30 years old Job: Volunteer prop maker and model Condition: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with hyper-mobility. My chronic pelvis pain syndrome means I use wheelchair over distances 10 meters. I would describe myself as quite a colourful individual – and not just in hair colour!…

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Samanta Bullock - staying cool with wheelAIR in London

Samanta Bullock – staying cool & collected in London with wheelAIR

Samanta Bullock – staying cool, calm & collected in London with wheelAIR Age: 40 years old Job: Model, athlete, public speaker Condition: Spinal Cord Injury – T12-L1 paraplegic I live a pretty full-on lifestyle. As a model, an ambassador for Parallel London and Fashion Inclusivo as well as a public speaker – I have plenty to juggle.…

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Tom Wells – staying cool in the holiday sun with wheelAIR

Name: Tom Wells Age: 48 Condition: Spinal cord injury – permanent paraplegia at T5/T6 vertebral level Occupation: Hospital doctor – Consultant Medical Oncologist Tested the wheelAIR: Whilst on holiday to La Gomera in the Canaries Tom used the wheelAIR for staying cool in the holiday sun. The wheelAIR was put to the test in 28°C heat whilst Tom visited…

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Jamie Hamblin - bespoke wheelAIR case study

Jamie Hamblin – staying cool with his bespoke wheelAIR

Name: Jamie Hamblin Condition: Learning disability, paralysis of the right leg, epilepsy and severe eczema Tested the wheelAIR: Every day since the onset of summer and the heatwave Jamie lives in a Choice Care Group care home in England for adults with complex needs. Jamie experiences numerous problems associated with overheating. He also has a uniquely designed wheelchair…

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Gemma Lumsdaine - wheelAIR case study 3

Gemma Lumsdaine – staying cool during training with wheelAIR

Name: Gemma Lumsdaine Age: 20 Condition: Cerebral Palsy Tested the wheelAIR: Whilst training for wheelchair rugby & generally during the heat of the summer Gemma started using the wheelAIR whilst she modelled for our summer photoshoot. Having played wheelchair sports from a young age, she is now a key member of many sports teams around the UK.…

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Michael Kerr - wheelAIR brand ambassador

Michael Kerr – staying cool during WCR training with wheelAIR

Athlete name: Michael Kerr Date of birth: 13.10.1982 Sport: Wheelchair rugby (World champion and double Paralympian) Condition: C6/7 spinal cord injury Tested the wheelAIR: When training in UK for wheelchair rugby tournaments Our brand ambassador Michael lives for sport and spends a lot of his time training for wheelchair rugby tournaments and exercising. Michael has been putting…

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Antony Cotterill wheelAIR case study credit tennis foundation

Antony Cotterill – staying cool at Australian Open with wheelAIR

Athlete name: Antony Cotterill Date of birth: 13.02.80 Sport: Wheelchair tennis Tested the wheelAIR: During the Australian Open January 2018 Antony spends a lot of his time travelling to very warm climates for competitions as a professional wheelchair tennis player. Luckily enough, we got to know Antony just before he left for the Australian Open through…

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