Keep Comfortable During Exercise

Staying active and exercising is an important of a healthy lifestyle. We focused on overheating for wheelchair users and the benefits of pre-cooling.


wheelAIR is most effective when used preventively, ensuring the user’s back and body stays at a constant temperature, reducing fatigue and heat stress and improving comfort.

Pre-cooling means starting the exercise with a lower body temperature to slow down the process of reaching a critical limiting core temperature which contributes to fatigue. Studies show that precooling of athletes with SCI effectively reduces the effect of an increase in core body temperature during exercise. However, the cooling strategy is important, as a sharp decrease in skin, core or muscle temperature prior exercise could have a detrimental effect on performance.

The studies show that once exercise has commenced, the temperature of the body will keep rising for a certain period, even after exercise has stopped. Similarities were found during post-exercise wheelAIR tests. When turning the wheelAIR on after 30 minutes of exercise, the cooling down of the body after 3 minutes came to 3.16% compared to a 7.14% decrease when using the wheelAIR before any exercise. This again reiterates the push for using the wheelAIR from the start of the day, increasing and decreasing the fan speed where necessary but avoiding the heat and moisture build-up.

“During both activities the cooling action of the WheelAIR has significantly extended the length of time I have been able to train for before overheating has become an issue. This is especially important in a place like Queensland, where we have a year round warm climate. Consequently, I achieve a more effective training program at all times of the year.”

-Natasha Price, Adaptive Athlete

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