Clinical Indications

WheelAIR aims to help individuals that experience any of the following: general discomfort, over-sweating, and/or over-heating. WheelAIR assists these three core groups by offering long lasting and controllable isothermal airflow as well as enhanced back support to maximise independence and comfort.

Clinical indications show that when using wheelAIR, users experience on average :

Experiments were conducted to clarify the performance of the isothermal airflow generated by the wheelAIR on a standard active rigid wheelchair in an environment temperature ranging from 18 ̊C to 24.5 ̊C. Skin temperature of women has been proven to be higher than that of men. Therefore, the tests were conducted with both men and women.

Group A represents the average temperatures measured with women only, Group B consisted of men and women combined, while Group C consisted of men only.

The above graph indicates the average temperature differences for the three different test groups. These results were obtained by using wheelAIR at the highest setting 4. Over a prolonged period of time, the back temperature seems to stabilise with the ambient environment temperature. This indicates that there would be no build up of heat and moisture.


Why am I sweating so much?

Right, let’s talk about not just sweat, but SWEAT. We don’t mean the “I just exercised for an hour and now I’m totally sweaty” sweat, we want to discuss the sweat that you notice and you don’t know why it’s there!

What is hyperhidrosis?

It’s not just sweaty palms or a bit of damp on the back of your shirt after some exercise. Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes excessive sweating. 

Sophie's Case Study

As a wheelAIR PRO, Sophie uses her wheelAIR to keep cool and get rid of the sweaty back feeling.


What is hypohidrosis?

Instead your body over producing sweat, it means your body is less effective at cooling itself down because you either sweat less or don’t sweat at all.

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Overheating has been a big issue for Daniel over the years because his Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Read about how wheelAIR has helped him stay cool

How the Body Cools Down

Throughout the day your body has different ways of exchanging heat to maintain homeostasis. We will be talking about the four different mechanisms of heat exchange and how wheelAIR helps to keep you cool throughout the day.

General Discomfort

Let's talk about Sweat

There’s more to sweating than you’d think! To keep it simple, we wrote about some of the reasons why we sweat and where it comes from!

Keeping Comfortable During Exercise

Staying active and exercising is an important of a healthy lifestyle. We focused on overheating for wheelchair users and the benefits of pre-cooling.

Samanta's Case Study

Our Brand Ambassador, Samanta, uses wheelAIR to stay cool, comfortable, and in control during her busy day in London.