Let's Talk About Sweat

There’s more to sweating than you’d think!  There’s types, composition, scents, and even genetic factors that alter how you perspire. To keep it simple, we are just going to talk about some of the reasons why we sweat and where it comes from!

Eccrine glands produce an odorless, clear fluid that helps the body to control its temperature by promoting heat loss through evaporation aka, sweat. Your body also has apocrine glands, which are larger and mostly located on the armpits, groin, and breast area. These glands are the ones that produce more concentrated fluid and typically smell worse (commonly called BO – body odor). 

Both eccrine and apocrine sweat glands are activated by nerves. These nerves respond to a variety of stimuli and make you sweat because of:

  • messages from the brain indicating that the body is too hot
  • hormones
  • emotions
  • physical activity or exercise

Contrary to a popular myth on the internet, sweat is NOT made up of toxins so, no, you don’t ‘sweat out’ toxins. Sweat is actually made up of 99 percent water and small bits of carbs, salt, protein and urea.

There’s a lot of other reasons that cause you to sweat – which you can find more about here

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