How to install the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion in 10 simple steps

Instantly install your wheelAIR   Making life as carefree as possible for wheelchair users is a core aim for us here at wheelAIR. With this in mind, our cushion is designed to easily attach to your wheelchair. So you can stay cool and be cool moments after your wheelAIR has left the packaging! All new…

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Star Mobility Header

History’s star mobility products

Technology has advanced at lightening speed over the last 100 years. And the mobility industry has felt the effects of this as much as any.   Even in the last year, the progress made in mobility has been enormous. Just take a look at the innovation highlighted by Access and Mobility Professional’s Five Star Mobility Products of…

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Handcycling and the Inter Spinal Unit Games hosted by WheelPower

When wheelAIR took a trip to WheelPower, Stoke Mandeville

wheelAIR’s trip to WheelPower Last week, our CEO Corien went to the charity WheelPower at Stoke Mandeville Stadium to show them the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion for wheelchairs. Whilst she was there, she was given a tour around the sports complex. It was bustling with activity. People of all ages and abilities were getting involved in a…

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The wheelAIR e-commerce launch event in Edinburgh

We recently threw a launch event for the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion for wheelchairs. We thought: “What better way to get our brand new innovation out there with a bang than by throwing a dazzling launch event?!” Here’s a summary of what happened. Where was the event? So at the start of September we delved into…

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Jo Southall – how wheelAIR could help her cool down

Meet Jo Southall, the occupational therapist who has to constantly consider how best to cool down.  Simply staying cool & functional at room temperature should be easy, unfortunately for me it isn’t. My name is Jo Southall and I’m an Independent Occupational Therapist. I live with a number of complex medical problems but the main…

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Bionic athlete on spinal cord injury & overheating

Meet Johnny Beer – the tetraplegic bionic cyclist who with better temperature regulation could cycle a 25k in June. Back in 2011, I had a trampoline accident after attempting a backflip. It resulted in a C4/C5 injury which meant I became tetraplegic losing movement in all four limbs. Fortunately, I regained partial movement of my arms, although…

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The Motivation behind the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion

CEO Corien talks of her early motivation for the wheelAIR: Wherever I go, the first question I get asked is: “Why are you doing this?” I once told the story of this journey beginning with a meeting with my then dissertation supervisor Lisette, herself a wheelchair user. However, I recently realised that this in fact…

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