3 Outdoor Adaptive Activities in a Wheelchair

3 Outdoor Adaptive Activities in a Wheelchair Staying active and exercising regularly are key for maintaining physical and mental health. Beyond adaptive sports like wheelchair rugby, tennis, basketball, and many other intensive sports, there are a number of ways to stay active. We’ve put together a list of three amazing activities wheelchair users can enjoy to…

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Make your active lightweight wheelchair more unique - wheelAIR

6 Ways to Make Your Active Lightweight Wheelchair More Unique

6 ways to make your active lightweight wheelchair more unique Active lightweight wheelchairs… what’s not to love. Light, modern and mobile – they bring that next level of accessibility and look good doing it. However, like anything we spend our life in, we want it to reflect who we are as a person. So, in…

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wheelAIR fan box - now can be installed in Consolor custom seating

wheelAIR and moulded seating: now a reality with Consolor Ltd! 

wheelAIR and moulded seating… that’s right, air cooled modular seating is now a reality! We are extremely excited to share with you that we are now working with specialists in custom made seating systems, Consolor Ltd, to create a innovative new custom seating solution. This brings together wheelAIR and moulded seating for the first time.  We have…

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wheelAIR Brand ambassador Michael Kerr in Edinburgh Airport

Guess what? We’re working with Edinburgh Airport

wheelAIR is now part of the service offering at Edinburgh Airport! We are delighted to let you know that after a successful summer trial, Edinburgh Airport have purchased wheelAIRs from our Scottish retailer, Fast Aid Products (part of the John Preston Group), to use as part of the OmniServ service for disabled passengers! Be it on…

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Samanta Bullock photoshoot with wheelAIR in cafe

Fresh, fun and exciting… our new product images are game changing

Last week we created some new product images for wheelAIR in Notting Hill, London with our brand ambassador Samanta Bullock. The result is breath taking…. How beautiful does Samanta look!? How great does the wheelAIR look on her wheelchair?! We are ecstatic. Sharing fresh and exciting imagery is central for us to communicate our innovative design…

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Alex the tank throwing using wheelAIR - copyright Paul Gavin Bird

Making our mark on history at the first EVER adaptive highland games!

wheelAIR at first ever Adaptive Highland Games So….we travelled the (7 hours!) up to John O’Groats this weekend to support para-athletes at the Mey Cultural and Highland Games. And it was well worth the journey! We experienced it all – caber tosses, tug of war, haggis and, of course, a tiny bit of rain. And…

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Samanta Bullock - wheelAIR brand ambassador

Samanta Bullock joins us as official brand ambassador!

We are delighted to share with you that the one and only Samanta Bullock is joining Paralympian Michael Kerr in the role as our official brand ambassador!   Samanta Model, athlete, influencer… An SCI superstar!   Samanta is one of a kind. Originally from Brazil, she has played sport and modelled from a young age.…

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Sophie Bevan - 5 things I love about my wheelAIR

5 things I love about my wheelAIR

Guest blog post alert! One of our wheelAIR PROs, Sophie Bevan, has told us what she loves about her wheelAIR… …we love hearing your feedback, Sophie, thank you! So I’ve had my wheelAIR for 36 days now and after some thought, decided now would be a great opportunity to tell you 5 things I LOVE about…

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Samanta Bullock blog - why wheelAIR makes you a cooler person

Samanta Bullock: “why wheelAIR makes you a cooler person”

The wonderful Samanta Bullock now has a wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion. She has since written a fantastic blog post about why wheelAIR makes you a cooler person! Samanta Bullock is a model, an ambassador for Parallel London and Fashion Inclusivo, former Paralympic tennis player as well as a public speaker. A force to be reckoned with by…

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Image of wheelAIR hanging in space for sports teams demo day blog

Calling all wheelchair sports teams – wheelAIR demo day

Think your sports team or club may be interested in a wheelAIR demo day? Here at wheelAIR, we want to help support wheelchair sports teams around the country to play their best game. Paralympians have tested the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion and told us that it has improved their athletic performance – check out our case…

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It’s a match! wheelAIR & assistive tech

We designed the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion to fit onto all active lightweight manual wheelchairs. But did you know we also fit a number of electric wheelchairs & assistive tech devices as well?! When we were at Naidex Trade Show at the NEC this year we were visiting the marvellous John Preston Healthcare’s stand. This was…

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Corien Staels TedxTalk

Let’s build an accessible world – Corien Staels TedxTalk

Have you ever properly taken a moment to think about the world from the perspective of someone with a disability? Our CEO Corien Staels realised she hadn’t until the first meeting with her university dissertation tutor who was paraplegic. Her tutor explained to Corien that she struggled every day with overheating in her wheelchair. From…

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Glasgow Interspinal Games Team 2018 - wheelAIR

wheelAIR meet Glasgow’s Inter Spinal Games team

This week, we had a fantastic opportunity to go to Glasgow’s Spinal Unit where we met the Glasgow Inter Spinal Games team.    We will be supporting the team by offering the 8 members with a wheelAIR cooling backrest to use before and at the event.  We will be attending the games later this month with our…

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Attributed to Filip Bunkens - wheelAIR tips for handling winter in a wheelchair

6 top tips for handling winter in a wheelchair

This winter has been one of the worst on record. With temperatures falling below -10°C, some serious snow fall and red alert weather warnings, everyone has had to adjust their lives to accommodate for the artic conditions.  Wheelchairs users are no exception. Snow and ice reduce mobility – they make it difficult to navigate outside. Also,…

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Buy wheelAIR at Naidex

wheelAIR goes to Naidex 2018

The wheelAIR team will be attending Naidex in April this year and we can’t wait! Naidex is Europe’s most exciting event dedicated to the disability, independent living and healthcare professional sectors. Whilst Naidex is return for its 44th year to the Birmingham NEC on the 25th & 26th April 2018, this will be the first…

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wheelAIR - olympic rings - licensed under creative commons

All you need to know about Winter Paralympic sports for wheelchair users

The Winter Paralympic games are almost upon us. How exciting! Paralympic teams from around the world will be confirmed and entering final preparations in PyeongChang, South Korea. We will certainly be tuning in from the 9th – 18th March to watch the top Winter Paralympian’s of today compete for their Nation. The International Paralympic Committee…

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London Fashion Week wheelAIR - Hannah Morgan - Stocksnap

It’s London Fashion Week: so let’s talk disability fashion

This week is not just any week. It’s the week that marks one of the biggest fashion events of the year. The week that many fashion brands have been preparing for. The week that fashion media, buyers and lovers will be slipping into their trendiest attire and heading into the centre of London. That’s right,…

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4 of the most marvellous disability products to appear on Dragons’ Den

Our cooling backrest cushion for wheelchairs, the wheelAIR, appeared on BBC2’s Dragons’ Den this month. If you didn’t catch the episode, you can watch it here. We are the most recent in a trail-blazing line of innovative disability products that have braved the ‘shark tank’. 1 in 5 people in the UK are classed as…

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My experience pitching the wheelAIR on Dragons’ Den

Where it all began It was a rainy day in March 2017 when the BBC emailed me asking if I would be interested in participating with the wheelAIR on Dragons’ Den. Before this, when people asked me whether I would ever participate in such a show, my answer had always been “No, I’m not sure if…

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How to install the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion in 10 simple steps

Instantly install your wheelAIR   Making life as carefree as possible for wheelchair users is a core aim for us here at wheelAIR. With this in mind, our cushion is designed to easily attach to your wheelchair. So you can stay cool and be cool moments after your wheelAIR has left the packaging! All new…

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History’s star mobility products

Technology has advanced at lightening speed over the last 100 years. And the mobility industry has felt the effects of this as much as any.   Even in the last year, the progress made in mobility has been enormous. Just take a look at the innovation highlighted by Access and Mobility Professional’s Five Star Mobility Products of…

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Handcycling and the Inter Spinal Unit Games hosted by WheelPower

wheelAIR and WheelPower: When we took a trip to Stoke Mandeville

wheelAIR’s trip to WheelPower Last week, our CEO Corien went to the charity WheelPower at Stoke Mandeville Stadium to show them the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion for wheelchairs. Whilst she was there, she was given a tour around the sports complex. It was bustling with activity. People of all ages and abilities were getting involved in a…

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The wheelAIR launch event in Edinburgh

We recently threw a launch event for the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion for wheelchairs. We thought: “What better way to get our brand new innovation out there with a bang than by throwing a dazzling launch event?!” Here’s a summary of what happened. Where was the event? So at the start of September we delved into…

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Jo Southall – how to keep cool in a wheelchair with wheelAIR

Meet Jo Southall, the occupational therapist who has to constantly consider how best to keep cool in a wheelchair.  Simply staying cool & functional at room temperature should be easy, unfortunately for me it isn’t. My name is Jo Southall and I’m an Independent Occupational Therapist. I live with a number of complex medical problems…

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Bionic athlete on spinal cord injury and overheating

Meet Johnny Beer – the bionic cyclist who tells us about his problems with his spinal cord injury and overheating. With better temperature regulation he could cycle a 25k in June. Back in 2011, I had a trampoline accident after attempting a backflip. It resulted in a C4/C5 injury which meant I became tetraplegic losing movement…

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The motivation behind the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion

CEO Corien talks of her early motivation behind the wheelAIR: Wherever I go, the first question I get asked is: “Why are you doing this?” I once told the story of this journey beginning with a meeting with my then dissertation supervisor Lisette, herself a wheelchair user. However, I recently realised that this in fact…

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