What is microclimate management and why is it important?

What is microclimate management? “the local tissue temperature and moisture (relative humidity) level at the body/support surface interface”. Both temperature and moisture are factors known to affect the physiological resilience of skin and underlying tissue, thus increasing the chance of skin ulcers. The ideal skin temperature is 32˚C, however, when sitting against a normal backrest…

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How to stay safe and cool during a heat-wave

During the colder months of the year, it’s easy to dream of summer, BBQs, spending time outside in the sunshine, and all of the other fun activities we get to enjoy during the warmer months of the year.  By the time summer rolls around we are so, so ready for some sunshine (especially for the…

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World MS Day 2019

World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2019  May 30th is World MS Day, and the theme for 2019 is “visibility” and raising awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS and its unseen impact on quality of life. The day aims to challenge common misconceptions about MS and help people understand how to provide the right support. We wrote…

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Corien won the AccelerateHER Awards!!

wheelAIR Founder & CEO, Corien Staels, has been crowned winner of AccelerateHER Awards 2019, along with two others! The awards recognises female business founders leading companies with strong global growth potential in the Scottish technology sector. About wheelAIR wheelAIR is a groundbreaking innovation in wheelchair backrests. The backrest is designed to support temperature control and…

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Hangout with Advanced OT & Wheelchair User

Hangout with Advanced OT & Wheelchair User Recently, Corien sat down with Advanced Occupational Therapist Susie Turnbull and wheelAIR PRO Sophie Bevan to discuss over-heating, over-sweating, and general discomfort for wheelchair users. Often, these issues can be overlooked and we want to change the conversation so that people are empowered to share their experiences. Why…

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Fan on desk table beside cup and paperwork.

Should a Fan Be Sucking Or Blowing Air?

Should a fan be sucking or blowing air? Forever a controversial subject that occupies the minds of those who purchase cars with ventilated seating, computer geeks but also wheelchair manufacturers and their end users. Think of the computer problem for example: every computer has multiple fans placed inside to cool down the elements such as…

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3 Outdoor Adaptive Activities in a Wheelchair

3 Outdoor Adaptive Activities in a Wheelchair Staying active and exercising regularly are key for maintaining physical and mental health. Beyond adaptive sports like wheelchair rugby, tennis, basketball, and many other intensive sports, there are a number of ways to stay active. We’ve put together a list of three amazing activities wheelchair users can enjoy to…

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wheelAIR fan box - now can be installed in Consolor custom seating

wheelAIR and moulded seating: now a reality with Consolor Ltd! 

wheelAIR and moulded seating… that’s right, air cooled modular seating is now a reality! We are extremely excited to share with you that we are now working with specialists in custom made seating systems, Consolor Ltd, to create a innovative new custom seating solution. This brings together wheelAIR and moulded seating for the first time.  We have…

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Sophie Bevan - 5 things I love about my wheelAIR

5 things I love about my wheelAIR

Guest blog post alert! One of our wheelAIR PROs, Sophie Bevan, has told us what she loves about her wheelAIR… …we love hearing your feedback, Sophie, thank you! So I’ve had my wheelAIR for 36 days now and after some thought, decided now would be a great opportunity to tell you 5 things I LOVE about…

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Samanta Bullock blog - why wheelAIR makes you a cooler person

Samanta Bullock: “why wheelAIR makes you a cooler person”

The wonderful Samanta Bullock now has a wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion. She has since written a fantastic blog post about why wheelAIR makes you a cooler person! Samanta Bullock is a model, an ambassador for Parallel London and Fashion Inclusivo, former Paralympic tennis player as well as a public speaker. A force to be reckoned with by…

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It’s a match! wheelAIR & assistive tech

We designed the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion to fit onto all active lightweight manual wheelchairs. But did you know we also fit a number of electric wheelchairs & assistive tech devices as well?! When we were at Naidex Trade Show at the NEC this year we were visiting the marvellous John Preston Healthcare’s stand. This was…

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Glasgow Interspinal Games Team 2018 - wheelAIR

wheelAIR meet Glasgow’s Inter Spinal Games team

This week, we had a fantastic opportunity to go to Glasgow’s Spinal Unit where we met the Glasgow Inter Spinal Games team.    We will be supporting the team by offering the 8 members with a wheelAIR cooling backrest to use before and at the event.  We will be attending the games later this month with our…

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wheelAIR PRO

Become a wheelAIR PRO

Think you’ve got what it takes to become a wheelAIR PRO? We are excited to get to the stage with the company where we are reaching out to people to join our wheelAIR community. We really want to keep building our brand with a real sense of consumer focus, so having the right people in…

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History’s star mobility products

Technology has advanced at lightening speed over the last 100 years. And the mobility industry has felt the effects of this as much as any.   Even in the last year, the progress made in mobility has been enormous. Just take a look at the innovation highlighted by Access and Mobility Professional’s Five Star Mobility Products of…

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Handcycling and the Inter Spinal Unit Games hosted by WheelPower

wheelAIR and WheelPower: When we took a trip to Stoke Mandeville

wheelAIR’s trip to WheelPower Last week, our CEO Corien went to the charity WheelPower at Stoke Mandeville Stadium to show them the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion for wheelchairs. Whilst she was there, she was given a tour around the sports complex. It was bustling with activity. People of all ages and abilities were getting involved in a…

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Jo Southall – how to keep cool in a wheelchair with wheelAIR

Meet Jo Southall, the occupational therapist who has to constantly consider how best to keep cool in a wheelchair.  Simply staying cool & functional at room temperature should be easy, unfortunately for me it isn’t. My name is Jo Southall and I’m an Independent Occupational Therapist. I live with a number of complex medical problems…

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